Construction of the phytoremediation unit for the Swedish treatment train

The setup of the Swedish treatment train has now started with the phytoremediation unit being constructed at Hovgårdens waste management facility outside Uppsala. Phytoremediation will be used as a polishing step within the treatment train, handling the treated effluent after foam fractionation. Water will be circulated through the 140 m2 bed consisting of a peat and biochar mix blended with LECA. Remaining PFAS will bind to this material acting as a filter, but will also be taken up and accumulate by the over 1600 Salix trees planted in the bed. The Salix will now get a season to grow before the full treatment train comes online early 2024.

Laying the foundation for the phytoremediation unit. The watertight lining makes sure that no water infiltrates into the groundwater before the treatment is complete.
Filling the unit with the filter substrate. The beds of filter substrate are alternated with sections of LECA to ensure good flow through the system.
Planting Salix. Over 1600 Salix cuttings are planted for the phytoremediation step.
The cuttings may look small now, but they are estimated to produce several tons of biomass during the project period.
Phytoremediation will act as a polishing step after foam fractionation.

The bed is irrigated with fresh-water prior to the completion of the treatment train.

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