ESOLVE participates in the 115th Assembly and Technical Conference of COASHIQ

On 21 February, the business association COASHIQ held its 115th General Assembly and Technical Conference.

COASHIQ is a business association of the chemical and related sectors, whose main activity is the management of Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and Environment.

COASHIQ’s Assemblies and Technical Conferences are an opportunity to share news and exchange ideas and proposals with a multitude of professionals from the Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry with responsibilities in the field of environmental management.

This year, Joana Baeta, Environmental Technician at ESOLVE, together with David Arias, technical manager of the company, participated in this conference, offering a detailed analysis of the technologies for the decontamination of PFAS. They also shared practical experiences, including a case study linked to the Life SOuRCE project, the first of its kind in Spain. ESOLVE has carried out its implementation through pilot installations for optimal application in real-life situations.

– Working with different universities, research institutes and technology companies allows us to develop our skills and knowledge in designing and evaluating different treatment technologies, says Joana Baeta. The dissemination of this experience is fundamental for us.

The ESOLVE presentation is part of the technical conferences that COASHIQ organises periodically for all its partners to discuss topics of interest in the field of industrial environment and risk prevention in the chemical sector.

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