Harvest at Hovgården!

There are currently pre-pilot scale tests of the phytoremediation unit underway at Hovgården waste management facility, outside Uppsala. These smaller test systems are used to evaluate and optimize the phytoremediation step before the construction of the pilot scale treatment train.

In the beginning of September, it was finally time for the first harvest! The harvest has several functions. it provides material for analysis of PFAS uptake as well as the distribution of PFAS within the plants, the removal of plant parts can be used to continuously remove PFAS from the system and this practice will be evaluated. Finally, annual plants as well as leaves need to be collected before fall in order to be able to close the system mass balance.

Tufted sedge, one of the species in the trial.
It is important that all leaves are collected before fall in order to close the mass balance of the system.
The phytoremediation pre-pilot where hamp, salix and tufted sedge are tested.
All of the hemp needs to be harvested since it is an annual plant.
PhD student Oscar Skirfors from SLU conducted the harvest.

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