Spain’s first PFAS clean-up ends after one year of successful operation

Envytech Solutions AB has, as part of the LIFE Source project, performed treatment of heavily contaminated groundwater using the innovative and sustainable method SAFF – Surface Active Foam Fractionation in combination with ion exchange filters. The project has been running for about 12 months, and control samples of water have been taken every two weeks. These show that the PFAS contaminated water, which had PFAS levels of up to 2 mg/l, has been purified down to levels below the current limit values throughout the period.

By adding air to the contaminated water, the PFAS is lifted by the air-bubbles and removed in the form of a foam, which is then concentrated to reduce waste disposal. This method has proven to be highly effective in removing PFAS from water.

The current plant can concentrate and minimize PFAS-contaminated waste up to 1500 times. The treatment project in Spain generated a total of 15 litres of waste, which will undergo destruction using Electrochemical Oxidation as part of the LIFE Source project.

The plant is now on its way to Uppsala Vatten, Uppsala, Sweden, where it will be used to demonstrate remediation of PFAS contaminated groundwater at LIFE Source’s second demo site, where a landfill located above the groundwater is the source of the PFAS.

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