Visit at Kristianstad’s Rescue and Fire Fighting Service

In November, participants from LIFE-SOuRCE (Laqua Treatment AB) visited the Rescue and Fire Fighting Service in Kristianstad. Like many other rescue services in Europe, Kristianstad used aqueous film-forming foams containing PFOS for firefighting practice for many years. This has resulted in high levels of PFOS in soil and the groundwater at the firefighting practice site and dispersion of the pollution with the groundwater flow. At present, characterization of the distribution of PFAS and the need for remedial actions is being finalized.

Many challenges are waiting, as the pollution is hidden under buildings and located several meters below the ground surface. Regardless of which method is chosen, the remediation will probably go on for many years/decades. The choice of method is thus important, both in view of the economy and the fact that characteristics of the water can change over time.

The results from LIFE-SOuRCE will be important when choosing a method in Kristianstad.

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